Understanding the Covenant

Oxmar's Covenant is foundational to building vibrant communities

Our building covenant ensures that all homes, improvements, and landscaping within our estates are to a high standard, resulting in both attractive streetscapes and safeguarding the value of your home. Our covenant ‘runs with the land’ and is applicable to all future purchasers of the property and not just the original purchaser. This gives you peace of mind by assuring you that your neighbours’ homes will be of a similar quality to your own home and that the attractive streetscape of your community will continue into the future.

What are the / your responsibilities when living in an Oxmar estate?

Individuals and families living in our estate play a key role in building vibrant communities by adhering to the conditions contained within the covenant.

Our friendly covenant manager is always available to talk about what may or may not be possible.

The standout features of Oxmar covenants include:

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